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Until I discovered cooking I was never really interested in anything
Our Chef Pappy’s Journey

Here’sOur Story

Ultimate dining experience like no other
Originally from the Caribbean, Chef Pappy moved to the states as a young man, settling in Tampa. Over time and through hard work, Chef Pappy has obtained skills that have withstood the test of an ever-changing Tampa Bay Area food scene.

Pappy has been making devil crabs for almost 30 years now in what’s known to be the heart of Tampa. This traditional style devil crab, available at our shop, has been brought back to life through his authentic and classic recipe.




Pappy’sDevil Crabs

The Taste of Tampa®
Pappy’s Devil Crabs are nothing less than a celebration, which is why we provide our products to eateries and local bakeries all over Tampa. Keeping the tradition of healthy ‘fresh’ food alive, we use take the assistance of our production partner, Island Crew Restaurant Inc, to distribute over 2,400 products in wholesale each month, each crafted by hand!

For those with a taste for the finer things in life, Pappy’s Devil Crabs offers food that’s made using only the freshest ingredients!


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