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Chef Pappy moved to the States from the Caribbean as a young man.

Having settled in Tampa, Chef Pappy worked slowly but surely, with chefs and gourmets all over the Tampa Bay area, learning the right ways of adapting to the ever-evolving atmosphere of the city’s cuisine scene.

30 years later, Chef Pappy is a beloved member in the foodie community, respected and hailed as one of the best makers of devil crabs in the heart of Tampa.

His traditional style devil crabs offer a truly glorious and scrumptious combination of authentic flavors, with Pappy’s signature touch to it!

Pappy’sDevil Crabs Presents The Taste of Tampa®

Ultimate Dining Experience like no other. Our modern fusion cuisine
For a true gourmet in the Tampa Bay Area, Pappy’s Devil Crabs offers something that’s more than just a meal and a half!

Known for an attention-to-flavor and satisfaction that’s hard to replicate, Pappy’s cuisine delivers excellence, with some finger-lickin flavors to help you get in touch with your inner foodie.

Offering our food to fresh food lovers across Tampa, Chef Pappy makes sure you have a good time with Pappy’s Devil Crabs, no matter where you are!



2210 E, Hillsborough Ave, Hillsborough, Tampa, FL, 33610